Minimum withdrawal and deposit amount
For the withdrawal of 30$, for the replenishment of 10$.

When do payouts occur?
Applications for the payment of earned funds are processed every day. We have the right to introduce a hold on your payment to check the quality of traffic. This is especially true for arbitrators who work with us recently.

Payment Methods

Free Kassa
Yandex money

What commission do you charge when replenishing an account?
We do not charge a commission when replenishing an account.

How long does the campaign moderation last?
The moderation time is not standardized, so write to your manager better and he will speed up this process, up to a minute.

What is PostBack, do I need it?
PostBack is used to track traffic conversion data, provides full information on which parameters bring you maximum income.

Which browsers are supported?
All browsers are based on Chrome, Opera, Firefox. Windows, Android, Mac platforms.

How much can I earn using your service?
From the site with a traffic of 3000 people a day, 500 to 750 rubles a day will come out a month after the installation of the code. It depends on the topic and nature of the traffic.

What sites are accepted into the system?
Any sites whose topics do not violate the law.

If I do not have a site, but there is traffic from exchanges, can I use the services of your service?

How often are statistics updated?
Statistics are updated in real time.

Do your landings adapt to the language of users?

In which case the traffic may not be paid?
Fraud and any cheating system.

How do search engines relate to your services?
Loyally. If you do not use the standard subscription form, there will be no sanctions, guaranteed!